Unmatched Power Tools

Your work matters. Having the right tool for the right job matters, too. Festool makes power tools for craftsmen who demand unmatched performance and precision. You aspire to make each project better than the one before it, and Festool is there to help you constantly push forward. Each of our tools is German-engineered with careful consideration for what craftsmen need to be at the absolute top of their game. Our tools work well alone, but they work even better together — creating a system that allows you to work smarter and more efficiently.

There are other brands to choose from, but only the precision and efficiency provided by Festool allows you to save time, work more comfortably and earn more from your work.

We stand behind our tools — offering a generous warranty and service plan and providing superior customer service — because we are committed to quality and committed to craftsmanship.

Why Festool?

At Festool, we design our power tools ...

To solve problems. We create power tools that meet a need, streamline a process, or improve quality and efficiency.

For the way work happens. From rough work to assembly, finishing and storage, we keep every function of the power tool in mind.

With your comfort in mind. We limit the noise and vibration of our power tools, and carefully balance them to feel comfortable in your hands.

To save time. Our power tools are easy to use and adjustments are easy with tools onboard and features, such as our FastFix® blade and bit changes, StickFix® hook and loop abrasives, and Plug-it quick change power cords.

For quality, reliability and flawless execution. We measure quality in terms of microns and parts per million, to deliver parts that are 99.99% perfect!

For healthier environments. Integrated dust extraction is designed into nearly every power tool we offer, keeping the work area cleaner and the air you breathe healthier.

For portability. With our Systainer® system, you do not sacrifice quality for mobility. Systainers organize power tools and accessories and stack to create a mobile workshop.

To work together. Our power tools feature an integrated system of design that allows them to work together more efficiently and effectively.


Innovation has been the foundation of Festool since its inception. In 1929, the company introduced the first portable chain saw, which brought the mill to the forest and transformed the logging industry. We may have changed our name a few times over the years, but that unyielding commitment to quality, precision and exceptional customer service have remained the same.

Festool designs tools that change the way people work; saving steps, improving quality and enhancing safety. Through the years, we have set the standard for the industry, with such breakthrough tools as:

1929. The first portable chainsaw. Where would we be without it?
1951. First orbital sander, revolutionizing surface treatment.
1964. First plunge cut saw with guide rail system, a landmark in precision.
1976. First eccentric random orbital sander.
1984. Dual-mode Rotex RO 150 E.
1984. A jigsaw with triple blade guide for precise cuts.
1993. Systainers, indispensable as a transport and organizing system.
1999. CT Dust extractors, a benchmark for portable dust containment.
2000. The Festool LS 130 Linear Sander becomes the first professional sander designed specifically for profiles and edges.
2005. C12 Cordless Drill with brushless motor.
2007. DOMINO® joiner.
2008. The Kapex redefines precision and capacity for SCMS.
2011. The Rotex RO 90 DX becomes the world's first professional sander able to switch from a round sanding pad to a triangular detail sanding pad.

The EHL 65 Planer and LS 130 Sander are manufactured at our facilities in the Czech Republic.

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