Festool 90th Anniversary

Since 1925 craftsmen from all across the world have trusted Festool to supply them with the tools they need. The Festool story isn’t just about us. It’s about you and all the hardworking people who have invited us into your woodshops, work sites and garages for nine decades.

To celebrate our anniversary — and to get ready of our next chapter — we will be giving away 90 tools for each our first 90 years. This fall we will be giving opportunities for you to win a special edition 90 Year drill in several different ways, including on Facebook, our SysNotes email and the Festool Owners Group.

Festool C18 Cordless Drill

How you can help to celebrate Festool’s 90th anniversary

  • 1. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ) or join our SysNotes email for special historic photos and content — and to learn about your chance to win one of the 90 drills for 90 years!
  • 2. Share pictures, memories and stories about your history with Festool and woodworking online with the hashtag #festool90

Highlights from Festool's first 90 years

Although we didn’t arrive in the United States until around 2000, Festool’s history began decades earlier in Germany.

Festool Original Factory Festool 1925 chainsaw Festool MTD sander Gottlieb Stoll demonstrates use of the first portable circular saw with a guide rail

Festo is established by Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll in Esslingen, Germany. They initially concentrated on repairing wood processing machinery and making structural modifications by converting plain bearings to ball bearings.

Quickly establishing itself as an innovator, the company creates the first portable chainsaw.

Having outgrown its initial building, Festo builds its first new headquarters. During that same time, Festo releases the MTD and KTD disc sanders, the first sanders with patented independent dust extraction.

The first generation of guide rails becomes available. It was replaced by an aluminum version in 1980. In this picture, cofounder Gottlieb Stoll demonstrates use of the first portable circular saw with a guide rail.

Rotex Sander Systainer Festool Logo Domino Festool US Headquarters

Simply switch over and take off: The option to switch from coarse to fine sanding made it easier for the tradesman to switch between working steps. From this point onwards, a machine could be used both for tougher coarse sanding and ultra-fine sanding.

The Systainer, the world's most beautiful toolbox, is introduced. It wins several awards for innovation and design and become a new benchmark in the tool market. It guarantees that tools are well-organized and protected, and since its launch has won the hearts of ambitious tradesmen all over the world.

Festo Tooltechnic becomes Festool. Around this time, Festool enters the United States market. The U.S. headquarters is initially in California.

For carpenters everywhere, the Domino joiner redefined easy and rapid timber joining. The prefabricated, rotationally dowel facilitates the easy and rapid production of edges and corner joints using high precision.

The Festool USA headquarters relocates to Lebanon, Indiana, which is where it remains today.

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