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Power Tools: Designed as a System

The Festool power tools system is at the heart of our product design. Four core elements integrate each power tool into a foundational system of products: Dust extractors, Multifunction tables, Guide rails, and Systainers. The manner in which our products work together makes each one function more efficiently, effectively, and accurately.

Power Tools: Festool System Components

Dust Extractors

As important as the air you breathe, dust extraction keeps your work area cleaner with less dust. Our RRP-compliant HEPA dust extractors feature variable speed control to accommodate a range of tools and materials, an antistatic hose that reduces dust buildup, and the main filter, which filters 0.3 microns (excludes CT AutoClean for use with the Planex Drywall Sander). Our power tools are designed to work seamlessly with our dust extractors—increasing efficiency, reducing airborne particulates, and extending the service life of your power tools and consumables.

Multifunction Tables

Available in two sizes, the Multifunction Table (MFT) combines functionality, precision and portability to make it the perfect work surface for the workshop or the jobsite. The table top is composed of an indexed grid hole system (perforated plate) and high-density MDF to enable easy clamping. The MFT seamlessly handles cutting, drilling, sawing, sanding, routing and other power tool functions. Also, multiple MFTs can be linked together to form an extended workstation.

Guide Rails

Festool invented the guide rail (track system) more than 40 years ago to enhance power tool precision for the most demanding applications. They are available in eight different lengths, ensuring precision cuts for a variety of materials. A multitude of accessories are also available, to suit your specific application, and the guide rail system can be used with or without the MFT. Key advantages of the guide rail system include the elimination of laborious measurement and set-up, rework and wasted material, among others. Each guide rail is equipped with a patented splinterguard that ccurately defines the cut line and can be used with plunge cut saws, also known as track saws.


A revolutionary and award-winning system for organizing, packing and transporting power tools, accessories and consumables, Systainers and Sortainers make the workplace more efficient. Their flexible, modular design saves time and space, and puts everything you need within reach. Different sizes stack on top of each other or in Systainer-Ports (Sys-Ports) for maximum utilization of space and unsurpassed portability.

Power Tools... That are Faster. Easier. Smarter.

Because Festool power tools and accessories all work together in a completely integrated fashion, every piece adds value to the whole power tool system. This allows you to work…Faster. Easier. Smarter.

Power Tools

Power Tools: The value of quality.

Value can be measured in many ways - dollars and cents, time, reputation, quality, environmental stewardship and productivity. In all of these ways, both qualitative and quantitative, Festool power tools bring value to every project.

Time. In business, time is one of the most important cost factors. Our power tools and accessories have been carefully designed to fit and work together. Systainers, integrated dust extraction, and the system based on quick and easy setups, all save time, allowing projects to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Cost. When you purchase a single Festool power tool, you invest in years of quality and precision. Our power tools are designed and built to last, with one of the strongest warranties in the industry. And, because each of our power tools is part of an integrated system, each piece increases the value of the whole. The more Festool power tools you use, the higher your productivity and more you save.

Quality. We measure our manufacturing quality in microns and parts per million, ensuring that our power tools are the most accurate precision power tools available. When power tools are this precise, they minimize damage to expensive materials, reduce rework, and increase accuracy.

Longevity.Festool tools are made to last — designed, engineered and manufactured of high quality materials to withstand rugged workshop or jobsite environments. Each of our accessories is designed to enhance the power tool’s performance, and our consumables are engineered to last longer and perform better.

Comfort. The ergonomic design of each power tool adds to the comfort of the tradesman. Our power tools are easy to use and safe to handle. They feel comfortable in your hands, with lower vibration and easy access to operational controls.

Professionalism. With Festool, you can bring everything you need to the job in one mobile workstation. Our power tools enable you to work faster and more accurately, produce a better finished product, complete the job quickly, and cleanup the jobsite with ease.

Product value is our number one priority. If we cannot improve a power tool, we will not make it at all. At Festool, we are always looking for new innovations—big and small—that add value to our power tools and to your work.

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