Introducing Hand Sanding Abrasives

GRANAT abrasives creating the perfect surface, no matter the application.

Whether for those difficult-to-reach spots or for carrying out minor corrections, the new GRANAT premium hand sanding abrasives ensure you will achieve the desired sanding results quickly and efficiently, even for hand sanding. Long lasting, high-performance abrasives are resistant to tearing and are durable and washable. The synthetic resin bonding provides a tenacious grip for long lasting cutting power without grooves or scratches. Specially formed sponges provide unique profiles tackle hard-to-solve hand sanding problems, and sheets and rolls, tackle common sanding needs.


Specially developed and shaped abrasive sheets and sponges feature different profiles, formats, and grits to adapt to hand sanding tasks.


Durable high quality abrasive components with bonded and fused grits provide long service life and high material removal rates. Built to withstand loading and tearing.


An extension of the Festool abrasive lineup for machines featuring Granat and Vlies abrasives to match the material removal capacity and long service life that creates the perfect surface performance.


The combi block with it round side and 45 degree edge allows you to get into thos hard to reach places.

More Details

Abrasive Block

4-sided and the grit is dimensional stable for sanding in one operation two sides of the workpiece. Exceptional longevity of the the block due to the medium-hard foam core. The combi block with it round side and 45 degree edge allows you to get into those hard to reach places.

Abrasive Sheets and Rolls

Flexible and universal hand sanding abrasive for paint, putty, filler, lacquer (VOC-lacquer and hard materials).

  • • Longer service life and a high material removal rate due to special fused aluminum oxide.
  • • Synthetic resin for entirely bonded grits delivering long lasting cutting power.
  • • Due to the unmatched grit bonding you will have less grid break out when folding or adopting to your surface
GRANAT Sponges and Vlies Abrasives Item # Price
Abr Sponge 69x98x26 36 6x 201080 $32.00
Abr Sponge 69x98x26 60 6x 201081 $32.00
Abr Sponge 69x98x26 120 6x 201082 $32.00
Abr Sponge 69x98x26 220 6x 201083 $32.00
Abr Sponge 69x98x26 120 CO 6x 201084 $32.00
Abr Sponge 98x120x13 60 6x 201112 $10.00
Abr Sponge 98x120x13 120 6x 201113 $10.00
Abr Sponge 98x120x13 220 6x 201114 $10.00
Abr Sponge 98x120x13 800 6x 201507 $10.00
Abr Spng 115x140x5 MD 280 20x 201769 $36.00
Abr Spng 115x140x5 EF 500 20x 201099 $36.00
Abr Spng 115x140x5 SF 800 20x 201100 $36.00
Abr Spng 115x140x5 UF 1000 20x 201101 $36.00
Abr Spng 115x140x5 MF 1500 20x 201102 $36.00
Vlies 115x152 MD 100 VL/25 201115 $36.00
Vlies 115x152 FN 320 VL/30 497088 $36.00
Vlies 115x152 SF 800 VL/30 497089 $36.00
Vlies 115x152 UF 1000 VL/30 497090 $36.00
Vlies 115x10m MD 100 VL 201116 $46.00
Vlies 115x10m FN 320 VL 201117 $46.00
Vlies 115x10m SF 800 VL 201118 $46.00
Vlies 115x10m UF 1000 VL 201119 $46.00

GRANAT Sheet and Roll Abrasives Item # Price
Abr Paper 230x280 P40 GR/25 201085 $18.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P60 GR/50 201087 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P80 GR/50 201088 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P100 GR/50 201089 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P120 GR/50 201090 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P150 GR/50 201091 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P180 GR/50 201093 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P220 GR/50 201094 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P240 GR/50 201095 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P320 GR/50 201096 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P400 GR/50 201097 $36.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P40 GR/10 201256 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P60 GR/10 201257 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P80 GR/10 201258 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P100 GR/10 201259 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P120 GR/10 201260 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P150 GR/10 201261 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P180 GR/10 201262 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P220 GR/10 201263 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P240 GR/10 201264 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P320 GR/10 201265 $9.00
Abr Paper 230x280 P400 GR/10 201266 $9.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P40 GR 201103 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P60 GR 201104 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P80 GR 201105 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P100 GR 201106 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P120 GR 201107 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P150 GR 201108 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P180 GR 201109 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P220 GR 201110 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P240 GR 201111 $46.00
Abrasive Roll 115x25m P320 GR 201768 $46.00

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