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JRS Construction

Finding and working with the right clients isn't always easy. It may take a few meetings to get on the same page, in terms of matching their needs to a dollar amount they can afford, but it's important to make sure that my company is a good fit for the client's project and vice versa. When you do finally find a client with a real need to renovate or remodel, it allows my company to work at our peak performance. Finding the right power tools, on the other hand, is easy. After you use them once, you know. My name is JR Stitt, and I'm the owner of JRS Construction.

It only took one use for me, and I knew the tools I was using were the best. I was on a jobsite with a friend and we were preparing to cut sheet goods when he brought out the Festool track saw. I had read about it in magazines in the past, but never had the chance to see or try it in person and this was my chance to get my hands on it. Upon using it in the field, the track saw changed my approach to breaking down materials, especially in terms of fine finishing, safety, and speed. The ability to bring the tool to the work was something I had never experienced before. The engineering, ergonomics, and feel of the saw were the main attractions, but because of my previous health issues, the principal selling point was the dust extraction.

We have a lot of jobs that involve deck building with exotic woods, such as Ipe, that expose us to some pretty harsh airborne particles. These particles can burn your eyes and lungs in the short term, and worse over an extended period of time—even little splinters can be harmful. While something like Ipe is a great, renewable hardwood product, we need to be able to contain that dust for the safety of both my employees and clients. Using tools like the Kapex miter saw with the HEPA dust extractors provides us with unsurpassed, dust reduced working conditions. These are tools we'll be using for a long time.

We can't always see all the dust flying in the air, but that doesn't mean it's not there. While no machine collects all dust, the only way I can work in a safe environment is with the Festool dust extractors because they get close. It's easier to justify Festool tools after you've used them, and I recommend that anyone who is working with their hands for cutting or manipulating products and has a concern for quality, to try them—hands down. At the end of the day, the differences are so great from other tool brands, it's clear to see. These tools are made for professionals that want a long lasting, well-engineered tool.

JR Stitt

JR Stitt

JRS Construction

Growing up on the coast of California, it was natural that one of my first real woodworking jobs was building wind surfing and surf boards. At the time, repairing boards was just a way for me to make some lunch money during high school. I didn't think working with wood and building things would turn into a profession, but that's just what happened.

From there, I moved to Hawaii and got a job for a general contractor who gave me the opportunity to work in an environment where failure was seen as an opportunity to improve and learn, rather than a setback. Today, I take that same approach towards my employees and try to foster a similar type of working environment because it brought me to where I am today.

Festool Miter Saws

Kapex KS 120

  • Accurate dual lasers
  • Ultra-precise cuts
  • Rail forward design
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Capacity of a 12" saw
  • Kapex Accessories

Kapex UG Cart

  • Portable miter station
  • Optional extensions
  • Lightweight, compact
  • 15'-9" capacity
  • Fold & Go design

MFT/3 Kapex

  • For use with Kapex
  • Great assembly table
  • Many clamp options
  • System integrated
  • Lightweight, compact
  • MFT Accessories

* When used in conjunction with a Festool CT Dust Extractor.

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